Action Property Services Inc. is licensed with the State of Maine as a First Class Landscape and Utility Arborist Company. Safety is our number one goal when it comes to servicing trees. Our staff is trained through OSHA for job site safety. Whether it’s being safe on a job site during a removal. Or determining the condition of a tree that is concerning to a client. Safety is top priority whether on the job or during a removal. Our licensed arborist can diagnose diseases, infestations, and determine the condition of any tree and develop a plan with the best way to resolve the problem. If you have trees that need pruning, trees that have overgrown, or are just looking for advice on what species of trees to plant; please call us for a free estimate.

Action Property Services Inc. offers aerial lift and tree climbing services. Our licensed arborist knows the safest way to remove and prune your trees. Knowing when and how to prune different species of trees is very important. Pruning a tree improperly can harm or even kill the tree. Leaving the homeowner with a very dangerous situation.

When looking to hire a tree company always ask the contractor for their arborist license number and proof of insurance. Here is the link to the State of Maine website to verify Licensed Arborist


For the do it yourselfer we offer brush pile cleanup. If you have a couple trees that you cut down, and you are just feeling overwhelmed with the wood and brush piles. Please give us a call. We would be more than happy to clean them up for you.

We also offer stump grinding and removal. During your free estimate we will determine the best process to remove your stumps. The options we offer are using an excavator or stump grinder. All our stump removal projects are a 100% completed project. Meaning we cleanup all of the stump debris, everything is loaded on a truck, and removed from the property. The hole is backfilled with screened topsoil loam. Then the area is seeded fertilized and covered with straw. We do not believe in leaving messes behind for our clients to deal with. We want your property in the Portland, ME area to improve with each visit.