A clean property not only adds curb appeal, but seasonal cleanups also serve a purpose. Leaves left on the lawn through the course of winter can cause dead spots. They can also cause fungus and mold that damages your lawn, plants, and trees. Our property cleanups include removing seasonal debris from the yard, patios, plant beds, and the driveway. Leaving your yard spotless and ready for the season. We also offer a hauling service in the Portland, ME area, so if the client would like all the debris removed from the property, we can make it happen.

Seasonal pruning includes removing any annual plants and flowers, also removing any dead plant matter (dead heading). Pruning is done for the following reasons; maintaining the plants health, training the plant, improving fruit and flower quality, and to restrict growth. Our trained techs have the knowledge to determine how the plant should be pruned and what time of the year.

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Gutter cleaning is a very important maintenance item that a lot of property owners overlook. When gutters are clogged with leaves, sticks, and debris water cannot flow freely. This can lead to ice dams and costly roof leaks. Having a gutter cleaning maintenance program in place can save you thousands in water damage and roof repairs. With all of our gutter cleanings we provide a free inspection. The gutter inspection includes looking for damaged or missing pieces, checking gutter screws and seals. We also check downspouts for clogs and obstructions.

For the do it yourselfer we offer leaf and brush pile removal. some property owners enjoy raking but not dealing with the piles. That’s where we come in. The leaves will be loaded on a truck and removed from the property. 

The Benefit of Seasonal Service for Your Lawn & Patio Installations

We all enjoy spending time outside in our yards, relaxing on our patios with friends, and admiring our beautiful trees. It’s important to properly care for these spaces throughout the year; proper maintenance and upkeep will ensure that your lawn, retaining walls, and patio installations will remain pristine for many years to come.

When the weather begins to change, it’s time to consider what needs to be done for the season ahead. Here are the practical benefits of investing in regular seasonal services:

  • Maintain Plant Health: Tasks such as pruning and trimming are designed to help your plants remain healthy and train them into proper growth. This helps your landscaping and garden beds remain attractive and well-kept through the seasons.
  • Prepare for New Growth: Cleaning out leaves and other seasonal growth is essential to clear the way for new growth. Dead leaves, organic matter, and other debris create a blanket over your property that smothers your grass, creating a barrier between it and any sunlight. If left untouched, this blanket can harm your lawn and landscaping by blocking any crucial nutrients it needs. Furthermore, trimming and pruning your plants help to keep them healthy and prepare them for the coming season.
  • Eradicate Weeds: It’s important to keep weed growth under control so that your lawn and landscape plants won’t be fighting for resources. When left unattended, weeds grow rapidly and can potentially choke out more desired plants.
  • Remove Potential Health Risks: Yard debris and leaf clutter can create serious problems for your lawn, your plants, your pets, and your loved ones. Dead, rotting leaves smother your lawn and create an ideal breeding ground for fungus, mold, and pests. Making sure gutters are cleared and all leaves and brush piles are removed will help control leaf buildup, reduce moisture, and keep your property safe and healthy.
  • Protect Your Retaining Walls & Patios: Excessive moisture can affect paved surfaces and structures such as patios and retaining walls. Our seasonal services help to clear leaves and debris from your space, helping to eradicate the moisture they trap and preserving your hardscaping for years to come.

Action Property Services Inc offers comprehensive services all year round to help you prepare for the coming season. We work with property owners in Portland, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, and the surrounding areas of Maine. Reach out to our team today to schedule a service!