For the Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth & Portland, ME Areas

Patios are nice additions to any landscape and home. They make outdoor spaces more functional. You can create a place to host guests, BBQ, and enjoy the sun. Patios can be made from poured concrete, stamped concrete, brick, and pavers. The material used is up to you.

Patio installation is a long and strenuous task. It involves clearing the area where the patio will be constructed of grass, weeds, shrubs, and roots. Then the area needs to be leveled for an even, smooth surface. After the area is leveled, you must lay down landscaping fabric for weed control and spread a layer of gravel and tamp it down. Check to make sure that all things are level once again and then install your pavers.

  • Entertain Guests: Patios make for a great place to host and entertain guests during the warm summer months. You can have a nice BBQ or fire right from your patio.



  • Affordable: Installing a patio onto your property is often much more affordable than other home remodeling projects.


  • Functionality: Patios are versatile. They can be staging areas for firepits, outdoor kitchens, tiki bars, and more. They allow you to do a variety of things outdoors including hosting guests.


  • Curb Appeal: Patio pavers can be more than functional, they can look beautiful too. A professionally built patio can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal.

At Action Property Services Inc, we provide professional patio installation services to the Portland, ME area. Patios are a great investment into your home because they add functionality to your landscape, increase your living space, and give you a place to host guests outside. Contact us today to schedule your patio installation!