Action Property Services Inc. offers snow plowing services to both commercial and residential clients. Along with plowing we also offer shoveling and snow blowing. We have the trucks and equipment to keep up with Maine’s long winters. We want our customers to be able to get out of their driveways in the morning, and have access to their driveways after a long day at work. Call today to check availability.

If you find yourself running out of room with more snow on the way, Action Property Services Inc. offers loader and trucking services. We can not only relocate snow banks on your property, but we can also remove them. 

Ice management can be very important. If you have the public on your property. Or if your not as nimble as you once were skating across your driveway. Ice management can reduce liability and also save you from injuring yourself. Ice management materials include sand, sand salt mix, and calcium chloride.

Do Not Wait Till It’s too Late! Too much snow on your roof can cause leaks and even collapse! After a storm in the Portland, ME area, call Action Property Services Inc. We can safely remove the snow from your roof potentially saving you thousands by preventing roof damage. For roof shoveling we offer a 24-hour emergency service.