Few things will do more to enhance the visual appeal of your property than creating a beautiful landscape. Proper landscaping design involves more than just planting flowers and putting together a neat and trim garden bed, however. Masonry work can give your Portland, ME home that extra something to help make your landscape the envy of all your neighbors. Whether it’s laying a stone walkway, constructing a retaining wall, or installing a concrete patio, Action Property Services Inc. has the top crew for the job. Let us take your property to the next level with our high-quality patio stones and pavers. We can also perform a lush and vibrant lawn installation to complement your new patio installation if your existing grass isn’t up to snuff. Reach out today to learn more about our options for landscaping and masonry projects in Portland, ME.

Action Property Services Inc. is proud to serve this historic city with a wide array of outdoor enhancement services. You can rely on our specialists to boost curb appeal in your front yard or transform your backyard into a personal oasis with their skilled craftsmanship.

Portland, ME homeowners can turn to us for a variety of hardscape construction services, including patio installation, lawn installation, driveway installation, stone walkway installation, retaining wall installation, and so much more. As you may know, Portland, ME has a great environment for gardening. We can give your landscape an upgrade with a stunning walkway, a beautiful sod lawn, perfectly cut patio pavers, a functional yet aesthetic retaining wall, or another type of masonry project.

  • Quick install – Sod lawn installation is a quick process that will save you hours of working on your lawn. You won’t have to worry about laying grass seed or plucking weeds! All you have to do is pay for the initial lawn installation and you will have a perfectly green lawn all season.
  • Low maintenance – Sod lawns don’t require nearly as much maintenance as grass, so you will have much more time to enjoy the warm weather.
  • Long term benefits – After sod lawn installation, your lawn will look great, but it will be protected as well. Your sod lawn will protect the soil underneath it from eroding, which will keep everything in the ground healthier. The soil, grass that grows, and any other plants that grow.

Caring for your shrubbery, plants, and flowers after a long day at work or a night out in downtown Portland, ME can feel nearly impossible. So the next time you don’t feel like putting your “green thumb” to work, call on Action Property Services Inc.

Professional landscaping can bring many advantages to your property that you might not expect. For example, the strategic placement of trees and shrubs can potentially help lower your utility bills. The plants can block out sunlight in the summertime and provide insulation in the winter, making it so your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard. Landscaping design can also be used to enhance your family’s safety. Retaining walls protect against erosion, flooding, and falling rocks. A stone walkway offers a smooth surface for children or the elderly who may not be perfectly stable on their feet. Likewise, lawn and patio installation can be a great means of creating a lush, relaxing space that encourages the whole family to gather together out in the fresh air.

We offer premier landscape construction and landscape maintenance services for the Portland, ME area. Just call us today to tell us more about the vision you have for your yard or to set up regular lawn maintenance! We are your premier source for lawn and patio installation, stone walkways, retaining walls, patio stones and pavers, and more in the Portland, ME area!

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